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Statistics reveal that millions of dollars are lost every year due to theft in the retail industry. Surprisingly, a huge portion of these thefts is due to employee dishonesty.

Security Guard Service puts a strategy into place that works for our customers needs no matter how big or small the store. We not only provide a security presence, but we also act as an extra set of eyes. Procedures include walking around the store, checking receipts of customers as they leave the store, and observing from a separate area with cameras and monitors. We use the latest technology in our security equipment. Our disciplined officers are also trained for special events and crowd procedures for such occasions as Promotions and Grand Openings.

Our security guards are vigorously trained to observe and watch for signs of suspicious individuals, activities and disturbances. We also provide undercover security options as well.  Another service is to reunite lost children and elderly individuals to their care takers. Many of our officers are also trained to perform CPR and other related emergency procedures until Police, Fire or EMS arrives.

Our marked security patrol cars with overhead yellow lights can be seen out checking all areas in the parking lots and the parking garages. We also watch out for customers who may be having car trouble such as needing a jump start or helping fix a flat tire. At night, we will wait for help (towing company, family or friend) to arrive, so they are not exposed to any unforeseen danger. We find that going the extra mile often makes a world of difference when defining security guard companies.