emergency Services


Disaster Response

We provide the most elite in emergency security services. In the event of any of the below situations or natural disaster:

  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Flood

In the case of the above or any other natural disasters where you would be in need of Emergency Security for your property, SGS would be there to take care of whatever your needs are. Every situation is unique, and it’s critical that entities work closely with outside vendors to develop the right plan and to define the role of security officers in case of an emergency. Most important is the ability to react quickly using established and proven processes and procedures in a worst-case scenario. 

Our role in an emergency can range from handing out water and first-aid supplies and opening and closing down sites to shuttling disaster victims to shelters or even being the “calm in the storm”, by handing out toys and books to children.

Contact one of our friendly security coordinators to hire Disaster Response Security Guards. Our teams are ready to deploy at a moments notice.