Bodyguard Services

Bodyguard Services

Executive Protection—A Vital Need

We see it in the news everyday – retaliatory acts of aggression in schools and offices around the globe. Protecting employees – particularly senior executives – from such acts has been a growing concern among many organizations. Layoffs, lost shareholder earnings, and disgruntled employees are just a few of the dangerous scenarios that could result in harm to your organization’s personnel. 

Discrete and Secure Response

In the event that a serious situation does occur, our security team will act accordingly to quickly diffuse the threat. Our bodyguards have been trained to remain calm, level-headed, and pro-active under times of duress. We also understand that discretion in these situations is often essential to our clients, so we act to protect your integrity. With the professional protection team on your side, you can be certain that your assets and employees are in good hands. 

Executive Transportation

Our Fleet of "Black-on-Black" luxury vehicles offer Executive Transportation driven by  armed or non-armed Security Professionals.  Our drivers have state chauffeur licenses and security licenses in addition to passing vigorous FBI and state background checks, as well as, random drug testing.  So, whether it's commuting to-and-from the airport, a meeting or a big event, leave the driving to us.  We are committed to providing the Best and Safest Transportation.  

All our escort vehicles are covert and come with 2 bodyguards. The armed driver can stay with the vehicle while the second bodyguard escorts client to and from the vehicle.

We Provide The Solution

If you are concerned about such risks affecting your property, assets or employees, then our bodyguard services are the solution. Our management team will begin by completing an in-depth risk assessment of your unique situation to identify potential problems and form a cohesive security strategy that minimizes the potential for threats to occur. Once we've worked with you to create an effective security strategy, our highly skilled security team will work tirelessly to maintain the safety of your organization and employees. You can feel confident in the executive protection services that Security Guard Service provides. We have specifically trained our high-quality team to respond to a wide variety of potential threats and risks. 

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late--Call Today

If a high security risk is threatening the safety of your organization, we encourage you to call us right away. With 24-hour services available, we can quickly spring into action to assess and initiate a plan of action.