Security Guard Service staff working in the office.

Security Guard Service is a high quality, well organized, quick response security agency that helps protect people and property. This helps reduce liability while it promotes safety and peace of mind. We are a company to watch and protect when you are not able to be there. A company that really listens to the client. All officers are professionally trained, and ongoing training sessions held to increase performance and maintain a high degree of quality.

Highly experienced field supervisors are in communication with the security officers throughout each shift to make spot checks to see that the client's properties are being properly checked.

Our own radio dispatch center is staffed 24 hours a day by trained communications specialists to immediately give support and assistance to officers in the field as well as to take incoming calls from clients.

The very best state-of-the-art equipment is supplied to all officers to help them perform their duties as effectively as possible.

We present a high visibility profile, with marked patrol vehicles and professional uniforms, which in and of themselves are a deterrent. We back up with internal policies and procedures so that you are assured that all situations are handled in the best possible way.

Our Team

Over 100 Years of Experience

Along with our management team, Security Guard Service consistently employs 5 full-time guards and 10 to 15 part-time guards. This workforce is large enough to deliver superior security results to our clients, yet small enough to promote the personal, hands-on approach that we proudly believe sets us apart from the competition. We enjoy knowing the names and faces of each member of our team, and we believe you will too.

Through the years, we have assembled a tight-knit group of individuals that effectively work together to provide unparalleled security services. We work hard to retain our most valued, effective and dependable employees. We do this because we understand that being able to completely trust our teammates is an important part of delivering complete trust to our clients.

This team approach has allowed us to succeed in a variety of unique security settings. Our qualified management team and security officers have vast experience with protecting and patrolling banks, special events, commercial properties and residential properties and neighborhoods. We welcome each new security challenge and work hard to present nothing but the most thorough security services possible.